Monday, November 1, 2010

Start Exercising Today!

We always find excuses for things we don't want to do, ignoring it until it becomes our worst nightmare. Same goes for exercising - putting it off until it wears you down and then realizing how you could have avoided a disaster. As they say, prevention is better than cure so why not start today and prevent your body to get out of your control. Logically, if you need reasons to convince yourself, the best five are listed below -

Weight Check
First of all, you need to balance your weight in order to live a happy and content life. It is easy - you eat, you gain calories; you exercise, you burn those calories. Thus, engaging in physical activity would help you in maintaining a healthy body weight and keep your body strong. For those who are already obese, the more physical activity you engage in, the more satisfying would be the result. After you lose those extra pounds, you would be fit and fine to perform all the tasks as good as others may be even better. A strong body is what you need to keep your mind rejuvenating and heart strong.

Heart Matters Secondly, exercising makes your heart strong. Obviously, we have all heard it before but it doesn't make it any less factual. If you devote half an hour to walking or cycling or aerobics, you would do your heart a favor by reducing the bad cholesterol, risk of diabetes and eliminating the risk of heart failures. As the reports suggest, inactive lifestyle is one of the major reasons for heart problems, you can keep your heart strong by some cardiovascular exercises everyday. Although majority of conditions occur at an old age, starting out young would preserve your heart when you're old.

Euphoria Thirdly, it makes you happy. It has been proved that physical activity improves your mood, reduces stress and helps in preventing clinical depression. When you work out, your body releases a hormone that increases your energy level and procures a better mood. After working out for sometime, you would feel good about yourself, get relaxed and ultimately it would boost up your confidence. Moreover, it perks up your self-esteem and boosts up your energy.

Sex It Up
Fourthly, physically fit people have a better sex life. Researchers say that fit people enjoy a better sex life than those who are not. Fit people are more attractive because of their confidence level and hence they experience a better love life. Also, exercise improves circulation that would most likely reduce the risk of getting an erectile dysfunction in men. For women, regular exercises can enhance arousal ultimately making a positive effect on your sex life.

Dream On
Lastly, working out would help you get better sleep. A good 8 hours of sleep makes you feel well-rested and increases your concentration level. Good exercise is the key to fall asleep faster and it also deepens your sleep. Though, you should not work out just before you are about to hit the bed as you would be too keyed up to fall asleep.

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