Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Here are the 2 ways to quit smoking with hypnotherapy.

1. Use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to convince a person that it is bad to smoke.

By accessing the unconscious mind we can focus it on all things that are bad about smoking, in effect scaring them away from the idea. You may have heard about people not liking the smell of smoke after a hypnosis session or just not being about to 'taste' the cigarette. These are ways that a hypnotherapist can encourage the unconscious mind to react and although common, this way will not work for long as the mind cannot stay scared of anything for any great length of time, the fear just wears off.
This way, in most cases, is doomed to fail because it does not address the reason they smoke and so after a while the person will revert back to the behaviors they had and over ride the unconscious fears.

2. The second way to quit smoking with hypnotherapy is to remove the person 'need' to smoke in the first place and this way works for all.

Whether they realise it or not every person who smokes believes somewhere that there is a benefit to smoking for the and it is this 'need' that has kept the person smoking until that point and the good news is that the need is unnatural and can be removed. If you think about it, no-one was born smoking so there is no 'real' need to smoke but over time a need is created by the smoker quite unconsciously and this need is always a lie. Some smokers say they need to smoke for relaxation or boredom or other reasons but in truth no-one of these reasons are true. When removed the need to smoke goes and the person is free to choose to be non-smoker by choice. Quitting smoking this way is easy, natural and permanent.