Sunday, October 24, 2010

Human Brain Work?

We all know that the human brain controls all the organs in our body to perform millions of activities everyday.

But do you know in more specific detail how your brain functions?

Do you know that you can increase your brainpower by simply following some simple daily brain exercises?

The Science of Human Brain

Experiments of brain research conducted by research institutions have found that the human brain operates on a small amount of electrical energy. This electric current vibrates at different speeds. Like the way your heart beats, your brain vibrates at a certain number of times every second. The level of your brain’s activity, as determined by your brain's rhythm or vibration frequency, can have significant impact on the quality of your life. If you can slow down your brain waves, you can control your mind to perform at the same level as the high achievers.

Understanding The Brain Frequency

The normal human brain can vibrate at four different frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.
Beta state is the normal conscious state of mind when we are awake. This is the state where people conduct more than 90 percent of their daily activities. Alpha state is a frequency lower than Beta, where a person is somewhere between being awake and asleep. At Theta, the speed of the brain's vibration is even lower than Alpha, when the mind is associated with deep, comfortable sleep. Lastly, at Delta, a person is at a deep sleep or completely unconscious.
When a person becomes stressed, fearful, angry, nervous, or feels any stirring emotion, the brain’s vibration frequency increases. The more stressed we become, the more rapidly our brain waves vibrate. All negative thoughts, as well as anger, fear, and compulsive cravings, tend to be fast. On the other hand, slower brain waves are associated with people who are calm, confident, and at ease. Positive thoughts like love, patience, and understanding, are slow.

What Is The Benefits of Slowing Down Our Minds?

When the human brain is regularly tuned to a slower frequency such as the Alpha state, it can produce profound impact on all aspects of our well-being -from mental, physical to emotional. Science has proved that slowing down our minds can bring upon the following benefits:
  • We can control our mind to focus completely in the present.
  • We can remain calm even while under pressure.
  • We can accelerate our learning.
  • When we perform affirmations and creative visualization, it is more effective at the Alpha level of mind.
  • We can go into the state of deep relaxation, which is important to our health and emotional wellbeing.
  • It is conducive to creative thinking, intuition, and problem solving.

Why Should We Learn to Slow Down Our Brain Frequency?

Scientists have gathered conclusive results from brain research to show that most people do their thinking at the Beta level, while only a minority of the population are natural Alpha thinkers. Unfortunately, this common experience of the Beta level of mind is not the ideal state of mind for learning and working. When we think and work at Beta state, we are prone to errors and misjudgments.

So, why are people not thinking at Alpha level?
With some brain exercises and the right environment, it is not difficult to consciously slow down our mind to enter into Alpha state of mind. However, there is a problem that most people encounter in accessing the Alpha state - there is a tendency to fall asleep when their brain frequency slows down to Alpha. For most people who are not trained, it is difficult to stay awake during Alpha state.
The Alpha is the state at which we can connect to our subconscious mind and unleash the maximum potential of our mind. However, if you are unable to remain awake at Alpha state, there is no way to conduct any activities to utilize this high productive state of mind. The high achievers are the minority group of people who are able to stay awake at the Alpha level and perform their thinking at this deeper level of mind.

What Is The Benefits Of Being In Alpha State?

When the human brain is at Alpha state, it is deeply relaxed with greatly expanded awareness. It is capable of higher level of tasks that are not possible during Beta state such as the following:

  1. When thinking at the Alpha level your awareness is vastly expanded such that you can see the whole, or what we known as the big picture. It is said that the Beta frequency is for looking at the trees while the Alpha frequency is for looking at the forest.
  2. Its heightened state of awareness enables the mind to sense and receive information that is not available or accessible to the five senses. It possesses a high level of senses called intuition.
  3. It is able to produce more creative ideas, and have a sharper problem solving skill.
  4. The mind operating at this frequency is capable of lateral thinking at an exponential speed, many times more powerful than the super-computer.

The knowledge of how our human brain works opens up the ways on how we can increase our brainpower. The key is to deliberately and consciously, through daily brain exercise, brings your brain into the Alpha state. Like a magnet that gets stronger the more you charge it with electricity, you can live a more successful life if you can tune your mind to the Alpha state more regularly and skillfully.

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