Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preventing Panic Attack

The pressures of everyday life bring about unwanted circumstances these tips for preventing panic attack.

Exercise: Working out is known to promote overall wellness. Through an hour of exercise per day, a person is able to prevent panic attacks. This is because while working out, "happy" hormones called serotonin is released that makes one feel good and refreshed. Exercising also builds a strong immune system and makes a person energized. What's more is that working out can be made fun by doing enjoyable activities such as biking or swimming.

Turn to your hobbies: The feeling of anxiety is sometimes caused by the lack of reason to enjoy life. People, because of the many stressors that surround them such as work or problematic relationships, are dragged down until the feeling of hopelessness seeps in. But through hobbies, they can simply step back from the situation for a while to recharge and have a little fun time. Hobbies are what would help them refocus without feeling stressed and panicky.

Crave for personal growth: Panic attacks are usually stimulated by irrational fear. Once fear seeps in, a person ceases to grow because he is afraid to try new things that will help him discover his hidden strengths. So to prevent panic attacks, focus on how you can further improve yourself. Treat yourself to a book sale that you may possibly find a self-help book that suits your interest and needs. Attend to interesting events that you may meet new friends who will touch your life in one way or another. Crave for personal growth that panic attacks may not hinder you from living your life.

Learn something new: Monotony can sometimes bring about the feeling of sadness and boredom. Because the situation has ceased to help the person grow, enthusiasm fades away. So in preventing panic attack brought about by anxiety disorder, try to learn something new. Enroll in interesting short courses that can stir up enthusiasm again. Not only do these short courses widen your knowledge, they can bring about new discoveries about yourself as well.

Bonding time with loved ones: Your loved ones are your support in every endeavor that you take. Like the pillars of a house, they are what keep you from crashing to the ground. They are your shock absorbers in times of distress. So to keep yourself away from panic attacks and anxiety disorder, always spend quality time with them. After a long day at work, bring home some treats that you and your family can enjoy together over an exciting movie. Go out with your friends on Friday nights so you could share a good laugh with the group while nursing some nibbles. There are really a lot of fun things to do while you are with these people who care for you the most.

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