Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Irregular Menstruation

The menstruation is defined as monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of non-pregnant woman from the period of puberty to menopause. Stopped menstrual flow is a major indication for conceiving a child. The normal menstrual flow comes for 3-5 days and the normal cycle pattern range from 24-32 days.

The irregular menses is labeled when a lady suffers from the bleeding that is not related to the regular cycle, when periods are longer and heavier as compare to normal, when there is no or missed periods etc. When the time or gap between two periods is longer or shorter than that of normal or if there is any uterine bleeding, then also the condition falls under menstruation disorders or irregular menstruation. For a woman, both the ends (i.e. starting and ending of menstrual life is irregular and is considered as normal or physiological.

Causes of irregular menstruation

Intense or heavy exercises can make the body weak. This also causes the menstrual cycle to be irregular. Carrying heavy load and lifting the objects that is out of one’s strength may cause the pain and irregularity in menstrual cycle and so the flow.

Woman’s body produces various levels of the hormones and certain new hormones when she becomes pregnant. Once, the pregnancy is achieved, the menstrual flow stops and the cycle disappears. This is considered as physiological, and is said to be normal being the major indication of conception.  Even after baby’s birth, there may be irregularity in menstruation cycle and is considered as normal.

Latest researches now fully agree with the stress, being one of the major affecting factors for irregular menstruation. If the woman is worried, stressful, having anxiety or depression, she may miss the menstrual flow or may end up with profuse bleeding

The poor diet and extreme weight loss or weight gain can affect the hormonal levels in the body. A woman with bulimia and anorexia often complain irregular or no menstrual periods. If a woman is malnourished, she is more susceptible to have irregular menstrual periods. Excessive hot and spicy food may prolong the menstrual cycle along with the disturbance in digestive system. If one has it, she may also suffer from increased bleeding and very much pain during the menstrual flow.

Prevention of irregular menstruation

  • Reduce your weight if you fall under the obesity category.

  • Try to be in good mood. Avoid stress, anxiety, depression and worries.

  • In Ayurveda, it is suggested that non-vegetarian diet in excess is to be avoided during the irregular menstruation.

  • Stale, decayed and canned foods are to be avoided.

  • One has to avoid heavy exercises. Lifting, pulling and pushing heavy objects is equally harmful.

  • Try to go for some natural hormonal herbal products. 

  • Smoking, alcohol and carbonated beverages are to be restricted

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