Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Affects of BPA on Your Body

What is BPA?

BPA also known as Bisphenol A, is found in many plastic containers such as food containers and water bottles. Recent studies have shown that BPA has been seen to seep into the food or drink that these containers are holding. Even in low amounts of exposure, BPA can cause numerous harmful effects in humans.

How does BPA affect Humans?

Recent studies have shown BPA to affect humans in numerous ways. When BPA enters the body it hides itself as  estrogen - also mimicking the function of estrogen in the body -- affecting the reproductive system and brain development. They have also found that BPA can lead to obesity, reproductive issues, and breast cancer.
Don't wait for the US to follow in Canada's footsteps and publicly label BPA a toxic substance. Make a personal decision as to whether or not this substance is toxic and needs to be a part of your everyday life.

How am I exposed to BPA?

BPA is found in plastic food or drink containers. Researchers have found that when a container is holding a food high in acidity the BPA from the container will leach into the food. Our food is also more susceptible to being exposed to BPA when the plastic container has been exposed to strong detergents or high temperatures

How to avoid BPA?

The BEST way to avoid the affects of BPA is to use non- plastic products -- so use metal water bottles or glass containers for your food. If it is absolutely necessary to use plastic -- make sure you use BPA-Free plastic products -- try not to heat food in the plastic and don't reuse them for an extended period of time

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