Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yoga asanas for insomnia

Prasarita Padottan Asana: It tends to sooth your mind, lift your spirits and rinses off negative energy and drabbiness you complain of. It calms down the brain which is the sleep centre of our body.
 Supta Baddha Kona Asana: It gives relief from any tension that hovers in one’s mind. You sure would want to try this asana to replace chaos with peace.

 Adho Mukha Jathara Parovritt Asana:
Like others relaxes your nervous system and vacates your mind of any thought that disturbs you.

 Salamba Bala Asana: It helps you rid yourself of worries and pile of stress. Observe caution while doing this child pose. Avoid this asana, if you’re suffering from knee injury, diarrhea or if you’re pregnant.

 Chandra Bedha Pranayama: Being a pranayama it facilitates sleep by a quieting effect on our nervous system.

 Savasana: It tends to induce sleepiness and combats restlessness. “The best time to do savasana” says Gogia “like any other asana is morning but it can be done in the evenings too provided you’re doing it empty stomach. If you can’t take out time in the evening make sure you’ve had an early dinner (around seven) and then do savasana after a gap of 3 hours. Strictly advised that it must not be done after dinner.”

Ayurvedica remedies for insomniacs

•    As a part of ayurvedic tradition you must wash your hands before going to bed because it helps remove the day’s residue and facilitate sleep.
•    Eat light and have an early dinner say around seven in the evening.
•    Wind down early; spend some time with your family.
•    Avoid heavy/trash music instead listen to some soft numbers

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