Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Muscle Mass

3 Killer Ways to Build Lean Muscle Mass

1. The first thing that is required is a lot of commitment. You need to be absolutely self-driven for this exercise. As mentioned before, it takes a lot to build lean muscle mass. You cannot expect the result in a couple of weeks. It sometimes takes months to shape your body the way you want it shaped. You will sometimes don't feel like entering the gym but then you will need to exercise extreme willpower to make your body enter the gym and lift those weights.

2. The second thing that you need is intense cardio and weight training. And for this purpose, what you need is a professional weight trainer. Your objective should be to exercise the whole body. If you only concentrate on your biceps you will probably look very awkward. If you have set out to build lean muscle mass then you should build it for your entire body. This will make you look well proportioned. Ask your trainer for a set of exercises for all the different parts of your body and ensure that you carry out training at least two exercises a day.

3. The third factor that helped me gain lean muscle mass was my food intake. I had to completely give up fatty and oily food. I'm a big fan of McDonald's but I had to give it a miss when I was intensely working out to build my muscles. The kind of food that really helps is food that contains a lot of protein and fatty acids. Many people advice against consuming red meat but lean bacon or beef is not bad. Other protein rich food items are a must. Lots of green vegetables, eggs and chicken are good. Fatty acids help add mass to the muscles and must be part of the food chart. Flaxseed and fish are excellent sources of fatty acids and should be consumed regularly

What matters most when you are looking to build a lean muscle mass is that you should enjoy the effort that you are putting in.

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