Monday, October 25, 2010

Using Mind Techniques

Using Mind Techniques To Achieve Weight Loss

How can Weight Loss be achieved with Mind Techniques?

Contrary to what most would think, mind techniques, rather than the weight loss tactics, are the key success factor behind any weight loss endeavor.
Like most people, reaching middle age puts me in a rude awakening when I notice a series of dramatic physical changes: Uncontrollable weight gain, expanding belly, deteriorating sleep quality, lower metabolism rate, and lower energy level.
After having spent so much in the last few years on new work pants due to my expanding waistline, I know enough is enough. I was determined to regain the athletic body and health that I used to have, and mapped out a personal weight control plan.

Ordinary Weight Loss Plan with A Focus On Mind Technique

With all the proven weight-loss techniques, I know the key success factor in the plan is about execution. When it comes to executing the plan, mind techniques plays a critical role.
Effective as it is, my weight control plan does not include any drugs, instead it comprised of only two simple components: Exercise and Diet.

  • Running: 60-minutes run each day, 5 times a week.
  • Stretching: 15 minutes prior to running, incorporating yoga-style exercise, which provide additional benefit of posture correction.

  • Eat smaller meal –cutting 20% of my usual portion.
  • Take more vegetables and fruits. I don’t cut down too much on protein, because it will make me feel hungry easier, which will prompt me to eat more.
  • When hunger strikes, take supplementary small meals, usually in the form of high-fiber snacks.
  • Drink a lot of water, to facilitate metabolism.

You’ll see that there is nothing new about what I do to achieve weight loss. It is just a simple mathematical concept: On a daily basis, burn more energy and take in less, and you will have a net loss each day. Do it consistently and it is only a matter of time that the ideal weight will be achieved.
It is important to identify the cause of success and failure. The key is in how I can motivate myself to put this plan into action everyday. The secret is in using Mind Techniques.

How Does Mind Techniques Work In Weight Loss?

Our mind directs all the activities that our body undertakes.
Even if you have all the knowledge, all the right equipments, and even with a qualified coach, if your mind is not willing, nothing much can be achieved.
To apply mind techniques in weight loss, I have to condition my mind to inculcate these weight control activities to become daily lifestyle habits. The trick is to leverage on The Power of Habit. When a habit is formed, we can perform the activity everyday without much energy -it will be on autopilot and is almost effortless.
Psychologists have established that it takes at least 21 days of repetitive daily workout to form a habit.

Leveraging On The Power Of Habit

Good habit is usually harder to form than bad habit because it is less pleasurable than bad habits.
However, if we could make ordinary and even boring activity such as running become pleasurable, it will be easier to cultivate it as a habit. To make running pleasurable, you need to pay attention to the small details in this seemingly simplistic activity that millions of people around the world are addicted to.
During running, it is important to be sensitive to how your body feels. I will usually start off very slow just to let the body warm up. After five minutes of slow jog, I will start picking up pace. Running is one of those exercises that free the body. We should let the body express itself freely. If it feels like running fast, don’t hold it back. However, it does not mean exploding into a sprint without regard on the stress that the heart feels. Whenever any part of the muscle is feeling discomfort or strain, the conscious mind needs to make a decision to either slow it down or even change the running into walking. The best way to run is to increase the pace gradually without feeling too heavy on the breath, and finish the run feeling refreshed and energized.
The whole idea is to maximize the joy of running by minimizing the pain that most beginners encounter. When the body experience fun during running, and feel good mentally and physically after the exercise, it becomes an imprint in the mind to want more the next day. This is how behavior is reinforced and habit is formed.
Using the above mind techniques, I formed the habit of daily running quite easily. At the same time, the diet plan was made easier with the running because the mind remembers how good it feels being light rather than heavy.

The Joy of Weight Loss After Two Months

After two months of following through this simple and effective plan, my weight reduced from 78 kilograms to 70 kilograms, and my waistline from 34 inch to 29 inch.
Now, running has not only helped regain my ideal weight, but has also become an enjoyable part of my life. It is a daily activity I look forward to, which makes me feel good, look good, sleep well and eat well.

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