Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Become Your Own Brain Trainer

8 Great Ways

Eat healthy

Although food is the primary supply of energy in our bodies, some are known to have a negative impact on the brain. Foods that are hard to digest are not good for your brain functionality. Also, avoids foods that you are allergic to.

Develop your intuition

We all have an inner spirit that guides us, but not everyone is able to listen to that inner instinct. Developing the ability to listen to your inner self can really help in your thinking capacity and problem solving skills.


Doing physical exercise is one of the best ways of improving your brain performance. Your brain requires energy, and much of its energy comes from oxygen through blood. Physical exercise facilitates easy flow of blood in the brain, hence energizing it for more powerful processing.

Deep breath

Since the brain requires oxygen for energy supply, taking deep breath helps the blood to be oxygenated, and hence supplying the brain with sufficient energy. Taking some deep breath has long been used as a means of achieving relaxation.

Talk to your self

Your best friend is yourself. Taking time to meditate and reflect deeply on your life enhances your self-consciousness. Talk to yourself and ask for guidance from your inner self. Trust your intuition in making decisions and you will realize how you can never be wrong.

Enjoy Life

The best medicine you can give to a troubled mind is a smile. Enjoy life and laugh at yourself. Every time you smile or laugh, there are some energy charges that are transmitted to the brain, and believe me; they stimulate the brain.

Have sufficient sleep

Taking enough sleep gives you a perfect chance to relax your brain. Due to our busy lifestyles, it is normally difficult to find time for resting, and so, sleep gives you that chance. However, ensure that you have quality sleep rather than quantity.

Read and write

One of the best ways you can build your thinking capacity is by reading. Reading exposes you to extensive experiences in life and trains your brain to have a broader scope of thinking. Writing on the other hand exercises your brain into creating mental pictures through words.

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