Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pregnancy Tips

How Beautiful nature is: The conception of a baby and giving birth to a new life is such a miracle! An exhilarating experience, unique only to the mother-to-be! An opening of a whole new exciting world! From the time a baby is conceived till she is born, hundreds of questions pass through your mind. They cause fear and anxiety, and sometimes overshadow the joys you are entitled during the precious period of pregnancy

Here we provide adequate guidance to deepen your understanding and help you have a healthy pregnancyand a healthy baby

Monthly Tips

First Month -
  • Get enough sleep and relaxation
  • Take plenty of fluids
  • Eat frequent small meals
  • Take folic acid supplement
Second Month -
  • Wear clothes that fit loose around the abdomen.
  • Avoid bending over at the waist, bend with knees instead
  • Eat slowly, with small mouthfuls.
Third Month -
  • Take plenty of liquids and fiber foods.
  • Wear a firm supporting bra.
  • Have frequent small meals
Fourth Month -
  • Take iron and calcium supplements
  • Keep the genital area clean and dry.
  • Start applying oil or cream to prevent stretch marks
Fifth Month -
  • Don't stand or sit for too long, move around frequently.
  • Take iron and calcium doses.
  • Wear low healed shoes
Sixth Month -
  • Do your pre natal exercise regularly
  • Put your feet up as much as possible.
  • Take iron and calcium supplements.
  • Try sleeping on your sides.
Seventh Month -
  • Avoid wearing anything tight near the waist.
  • Take your daily dose of iron and calcium.
Eighth Month -
  • Sleep on your side with one leg crossed over the other.
  • Take iron and calcium supplements
  • Take as much rest as you can.
  • Buy your nursing box.
Ninth Month -
  • Get everything ready for the baby
  • Pack your hospital bag
  • Take iron and calcium doses
  • Be prepared to deliver anytime
Tenth Month -
  • Practice your breathing exercises.
  • Take iron and calcium supplements
  • Rest and relax as much as you can.
  • Do not travel too far from home or your hospital

Eating Right

  • Calcium - For the healthy development of your baby's bones and teeth. Also to prevent diseases in you like osteoporosis in later life.

  • Iron - Iron needs increase dramatically during pregnancy. Iron is important in building maternal blood volume as well as foetal blood and muscle tissue. The recommended allowance for iron in pregnancy is 30-60 mg, a level that usually cannot be obtained through diet alone. Hence you have to take an iron supplement.

  • Carbohydrates - They are known as the fuel to your body's system. The starch carbohydrates satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time. The sugar carbos provide high fiber, which keeps the blood sugar even, as well keeps your bowels working efficiently.

  • Fats - Important source of energy. The stored fats in the body act as a reserve for your body system

  • Food Type

  • Milk and Milk Products- Major source of calcium, protein, vitamin D, VitaminB12 and riboflavin. e.g.. Milk, Soya milk, coconut milk, curds/buttermilk, cottage cheese, cheese (sparingly) etc.

  • Beans, Nuts and Seeds - Major source of protein, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, zinc and few trace minerals. e.g.. Kidney beans, sprouted lentils or other beans, sesame seeds, dry fruits like almonds (preferably soaked overnight), walnuts, apricots, etc.

  • Vegetables and Fruits - Major source of carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid. Both vegetables and fruits should be fresh and not frozen or canned. Have more of leafy vegetables like fenugreek, etc. and salads. Try having whole fruits rather than juices, so as to retain the fiber
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