Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Skin Diet

In our bid for beautiful skin we sometimes overlook the first, and possibly most important, component in attaining a glowing complexion… feeding our bodies well.

Best Foods for Healthy, Beautiful Skin:

Blueberries – considered by some a "Superfood", these little gems are very high in antioxidants which help to prevent damage to skin cells. They are also an excellent source of fiber, vitamins C and E and riboflavin

Red and green vegetables – Mom was definitely right here. Eating veg like carrots, sweet potatoes and the green leafy variety (like spinach) keeps skin hydrated, bright and prevents cell damage and premature aging

TERRIFIC TOMATOES- Tomatoes have got what it takes to fight free radicals – powerful antioxidants. Free rads are highly reactive oxygen molecules that damage cells and contribute to just about every skin problem, from dryness to wrinkles. Trip on tomatoes daily.

AMAZING APPLES- Apples are a great dermal treat packed as they are with important minerals, notably potassium – needed for regulation of water balance and muscle function; and vitamins, especially the nifty anti-aging antioxidant – Vitamin C. A single apple contains virtually no fat or cholesterol, and provides more fibre than a serving of oatmeal. So, once in a while, if you're thinking of skipping a meal, eat an apple. You’ll get a healthy dose of essential nutrients.

Green tea – if you wish to incorporate one new healthful item into your diet, make it this. Green tea is chock full of super-potent antioxidants (EGCG) that help to reduce UV damage, increase the effectiveness of sunscreen, offer anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and, some scientists believe, even reactivate dying skin cells. This powerful and delicious drink also helps to detoxify the skin and body. For best benefits and taste be sure not to steep green tea longer than 2 ½ to 3 minutes

Water – last but certainly not least is plenty of filtered water. Water keeps our bodies (and skin cells) hydrated and flushes out toxins, keeping skin clean and clear.

GO NUTS- Yes, they’re high-cal but they’re also rich in zinc, which is needed for skin cells to grow, multiply and shield themselves from free rads. They also contain essential fatty acids that prevent dryness of skin and hair. Skin elixir Vitamin E found in nuts helps to moisturise your skin, protects it from damage and delay aging. A handful of groundnuts, walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts a couple of times a week will give you all these benefits – without rocking your calorie chart

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