Monday, October 25, 2010

Travel Health

Have you ever wanted to become a nurse, but you do not dare to take the plunge because you also like traveling? You know that once you start working as a nurse you have to abide to a schedule and a routine. Between being a nurse and traveling, your two greatest loves, which should you choose? Traveling or helping people by becoming a nurse? I have great news for you! Now you do not have to choose, you can become a traveling nurse!

Traveling is an essential part of the holiday spell for many of us. While globe-trotting any time can be a chief source of constant worry, holiday tour with goodies, belongings, and kids in tow, weighed down with air travel delays and bitter roads -- is principally nerve-racking.

When travelling, do you often get the feel like you're seated in a giant germ incubator or you are simply dying of no air? This is the right place to find out what’s true and what’s plug when it comes to protecting your health.

4 tips for holiday season

The essentials: Keep your passport, cruise line ticket, air plane ticket (if you need one), insurance documents, medical prescriptions and any other documents in one place, in a handy folder. Take photocopies, leave a set with a relative or friend and carry another in your luggage, in case you misplace the originals. For your toiletries, carry handy-sized travel items.

Casual-ty: You are on vacation and you should dress like you are on one. Carry casual clothes that you can easily mix and match, depending on the climate and the ports you would be visiting.

Formal talk:  Formal nights on evenings which the ships suggest you dress up for dinner, with men wearing dark suits or tuxedos and women wearing cocktail dresses or evening gowns (elegant saris will do too). A week-long cruise usually has one or two formal nights, which is when special food is served and grand events take place.

We suggest you don't miss these special events.

On the shore: A pair of sensible shoes and a backpack can go a long way in helping you discover the islands and ports en route. Carrying local currency ensures that you aren't spending a bomb converting money there or are missing out on buying souvenirs.

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