Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Neck And Arms

Did you know you can perform a massage for yourself? You can do it very quickly to relieve those spots with tension. Simply follow these steps to achieve a more comfortable neck and arms.


Using both of your hands, bring it towards the back. Place both of your thumbs exactly at the upper neck area (or base of the skull). Then press these 2 spots firmly with both your thumbs and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. You will feel much more relaxed and energized after this simple move.
Now, you can perform massage on the back of your neck. Bend down so that your head gets lower. Then, use your dominant hand and grab the back of your neck. This way, you can do the kneading technique by simply squeezing the neck with your palm and fingers. Move up and down the back of your neck as you progress. You should repeat twice.
Finally, turn your head to the left side, leaning against it. You should feel your neck is leaning towards the left and your right neck is stretched. When doing this, you should be looking forward at all times. Then, use your left hand to squeeze the stretched right neck muscle. This is also another kneading technique.


This is easy to do. Sit down on a chair with your back rested properly against it. Then use your left hand to squeeze your right arm, starting from the shoulder to the wrist. Then glide your way back up and repeat. You should press and hold with your thumb for any tender spots too.
For your fingers, place the left thumb onto the webbing between the right index finger and the right thumb. Apply pressure and hold it for 5 to 7 seconds. Be careful with the webbing because it is a sensitive area. You can also perform circular motions on your wrist too

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