Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Improve Memory

5 Techniques

Writing Technique

Psychologists say that writing down what you want to remember on a piece of paper, helps in memorizing the subject. Especially if you write it down repetitively. To do this you need to be in a relaxed mood. Saying what you write aloud also helps in memorizing.

Grouping or chunking Technique

This is one of the oldest memorizing techniques. In this method, the piece that needs to be memorized is divided into groups to help memorize the item. Usually this method is ideal for multi-digit number and long spellings memorization.
For example, coordinate can be sub-divided into 'co' and 'ordinate'. Another example, 9971630201 can be grouped as 99-716-30-201.It is better if you can divide the words into meaningful sub-words, this will help you remember the word better.

Reciting during bed-time Technique

It is believed that, while going to bed, you should recite what you want to memorize. While asleep, your mind arranges this information in a systematic and meaningful way making it easy for you to remember.

Rhyming & Bridging Technique

Rhyming is also a nice way to memorize things. This is a very good memory technique to memorize a paragraph. This technique also helps in improving your creative skills.
You can also connect statements or words to make it easier to remember. For example, it is sometimes difficult to remember capital cities of countries. So you can create a statement to help you memorize. Roaming in Rome was a wonderful Italian experience. Here, roam sounds like Rome, which helps you memorize that Rome is the capital of Italy.

Trying by relaxing Technique

Sometimes when we try too hard to remember something, it gets difficult to recall. In such cases, it is better to relax and try not to try to remember. When we are relaxed, the thing we were trying to remember automatically pops up in our memory. In an anxious or stressful state it becomes difficult to recall.

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