Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Sexual problems affect both men and women. If you do not want to have sex or it never feels good, you might have a sexual problem. The condition is medically called "female sexual dysfunction".

You may feel diminished sexual desire or even pain while having sex. If you feel your sexual dysfunction is upsetting your relationship with your partner or you feel frequently bothered about it, its time for you to inform your doctor.

Types of female sexual dysfunction
                    Women with sexual dysfunction typically have four types of sexual problems.
Low sexual desire—

Sexual arousal disorder—

Orgasmic disorder—

Sexual pain disorder—

Causes of sexual dysfunction in women
Here are some of the most well-known causes of sexual dysfunction in women:

health problems like Diabetes or high blood pressure

low levels of the hormone

vaginal infections,

depression and/or anxiety,

drinking too much alcohol

certain medications—over the counter and prescription medication

relationship problems with partner

prior or present sexual abuse

During pregnancy, after childbirth or while breast feeding, you may experience a decrease in sexual desire.

TreatmentRely on your doctor for treatment. Do not indulge in self-medication. Tell your doctor about your sexual history, whether you are currently sexually active and what your sexual concerns are. Treatment may involve treating the underlying medical, hormonal or emotional conditions contributing to the dysfunction.
Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Avoid excessive alcohol:

Quit smoking:

Exercise regularly:
Performing aerobic exercises is a great way to develop stamina and keep in shape. It improves blood circulation and irrigates your sexual organs well, enhancing arousal and orgasms. Exercise will also make you feel good about yourself.
Cigarette smoking disturbs the proper circulation of blood. Poor blood flow to your sexual organs can hinder sexual arousal and orgasms.
Be relaxed in mind and body, lie back and enjoy the wonderful pleasure of sex and rediscover yourself.
Drinking too much alcohol can affect your sexual responsiveness. Remember, alcohol may increase desire, but it decreases performance.
Pain during or after sexual intercourse.
Unable to achieve climax (orgasm) or pain while having orgasms.
When you do not feel sexually stimulated or you are unable to stay sexually aroused.
Very little sexual desire or none at all.

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