Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Acupuncture Methods for Curing Back Pain

Top 3 Acupuncture Methods for Curing Back Pain

Korean acupuncture

This method of acupuncture also uses needles but they are concentrated in one part of the body. During treatment, you will feel pain in your back but the needles are only inserted in the hands. People may find this method as preposterous but based on the treatment results of Korean acupuncture, it can be really as effective as the Chinese and Japanese methods.
The information discussed above provides you general idea on the types of acupuncture method for healing back pain. It is up to you which method will suit your body pain problem. But based on the treatment results of each type, they have all the ability to solve all kinds of body pains

Chinese acupuncture

Originating from China, this acupuncture method has been practiced for almost two thousand years and is still being used in modern times. The effectiveness of this acupuncture method is proven by how long it is being used to treat body pains and other types of illnesses. Chinese acupuncture uses needles to control or regulate the flow of qi in different channels in the body.

Japanese acupuncture

Compared with Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture has the same characteristics and functions. Both methods are being used to control the flow of qi in the body. Needles also play an important role in both methods but the ones used in Japanese acupuncture are thinner than the Chinese ones.

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