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When the menstrual cycle ceases various physiological and psychological changes takes place in women’s life. The range of symptoms is very wide. These can be due to hormonal changes and vitiation of Vata affecting female reproductive system and nervous system.

Vata type- tingling and numbness, pain in joints, pain in muscles, backache, cervical arthritis, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, and restlessness.

Pitta type-there is more irritation and hot flushes on the face.

Kapha type- edema in joints and legs with lethargy is very common

Menopause Treatment
  • Sage tonic The desire of sage is to render man immortal. Now whilst I cannot exactly guarantee the truth of this I an suggest that sage tea and the following tonic will make you feel much more chirpy. Take 100g (4 oz) of fresh sage leaves and leave them to stand in a bottle of good white wine made by natural, pot chemical, processes, for two weeks. Sweeten to taste with honey and leave for a further day. Press and strain through a cloth. Bottle and take 1 sherry glass before lunch and dinner.
  • Lemon balm I tell e boor 1 gave that old defoliated bird some of that there lemon stuff and blow me if er didn’t grow new feathers and lay like no tomorrer.’ What is good enough for the countryman is good enough for me. Melissa or lemon balm is reputed to ease the pains of the menopause, physically and mentally as well as increase fertility. The tea will soothe and the leaves under the pillow will bring trnquillity. A few drops of essential oil in the bath would not come amiss either.
  • Oil of cypress Barberry and cypress tea is an old-fashioned remedy from France. The essential oil however, dropped into a warm bath or on to a hot compress to be held on the tom, is very soothing, and you might also like to add it to sunflower oil and massage with it. It will also reduce excess perspiration and foot odor.
  • Meadowsweet tea or hop tea Both are soothing and reduce tension.
  • Mugwort tea Mugwort is the plant of the moon and of Artemisia, the patron saint of women. The tea drunk only in moderation will help you feel less hurt and weary. Carry a spray of the herb with you always to the same end.
  • Tansy tea or pennyroyal tea These will stop the flushes.
  • Marigold tea drink the tea regularly to ease menopausal disordes. Infuse 75g (3oz) of the flower heads in 1 litre (1.75 pints) of the flower heads in 1 litre (1.75 pints) of boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink 3 to 4 cups daily. Calendula tincture may also prove helpful.

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