Monday, October 25, 2010

Mind Control Techniques

You are convinced that mind control techniques are the skills that can help change your life dramatically.
Now, it is time to start putting in some effort to learn and master these skills. With patience and persistent, you can look back in time to come how all these efforts of learning a critical life skill is such a worthwhile investment of your time, money and effort. You will realize that your success secrets are no more than simple techniques (which are by the way widely known) being horn to perfection with your unwavering commitment.
The two key mind power techniques are Affirmations and Creative Visualization.


Affirmations are positive statements you repeat to yourself while in a meditative or alpha level of mind. Affirmations are always done in the present tense, as if the action has already taken place.
The concept of affirmation was originated and made famous by a French physician called Emile Coue, who was responsible for thousands of remarkable documented healings at the beginning of the 20th century. He advocates the combination of western medicine with the power of affirmations. Patients were made to repeat positive healing affirmations to themselves while in a relaxed frame of mind.
Coue’s most famous affirmation was "everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better."
When done at the alpha level, affirmations tend to be immeasurably more powerful than when done at the beta, or waking state. Why?
The reason being that when you reach the alpha level of mind, your subconscious is brought to a conscious level—this means it is much easier for you to convey commands directly to your subconscious.
Before you start creating your affirmation, note these important rules:

1. Affirmations must be in the present tense.

Your subconscious mind does not think in terms of past, present or future. If you say, I want to be an excellent golfer then your subconscious understands this as a statement of wanting. What you then get is the wanting or desire to be an excellent golfer but not the actual ability itself.
What you should say is "I am an excellent golfer". Your subconscious understands this as a statement of your present reality. It therefore works to make this reality true. Remember, the key is to replace I want with I am

2. You must believe that the goal is within your reach.

If you repeat an affirmation, but at the same time you’re secretly thinking you cannot accomplish it, you hijack the process.
When you first start practicing this you should start with small believable goals. As you achieve these goals your confidence in yourself and in the power affirmations grows. This allows you to tackle greater and greater issues.
The best way to implant an affirmation is to release your mind from all desire and intention.
Merely state the suggestion to yourself without passion as a thing that is already so. Something that is true is obvious and undeniable — it does not need to be shouted or defended. It simply is. Use repetition to reinforce the effects of the affirmation.

3. Affirmations must always be done as a positive statement.

If you’re trying to drop weight don’t say, “I am not overweight”. Instead say, “I am slim and healthy”. When you see a phrase such as “I am no longer ill”, the dominant image in your mind is that of illness. When you turn that around to a phrase such as “I am healthy and well”, the dominant image in your mind is then one of health and wellness. Always turn the affirmation into a positive statement.
Positive affirmations are extremely useful in causing fundamental change, not only in behavior and beliefs, but also in the external conditions of life.
When a suggestion is correctly injected into the subconscious mind, the effect is nothing short of miraculous. It does not show itself overnight, however, but is gradual and cumulative.

Creative Visualization

How to Increase the Impact of Creative Visualization:

1. Make the image as realistic as possible

Incorporate movement and make the screen three-dimensional. See colors and shapes. Use the streaming technique if you have difficulty visualizing.

2. Feel emotions associated with the image

Feel the joy, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment. How would you be feeling if you had what you wanted? Imagine and explore this feeling. A thought without emotions has no energy and no force behind it. It is like running a car on empty. Feel the emotions of having what you want.

3. Bring in your other senses

Feel the wind blowing on your face; imagine the scents involved with the images. Feel texture and temperature. The more senses you involve, the more real the image is to your subconscious mind.
Here’s one example. Picture an orange. Imagine the color of it. Is it bright orange and ripe? Then picture yourself peeling the orange. Imagine the smell as you start to peel it. Feel the juice flowing over your fingers. Then squeeze the orange and feel the flesh of the fruit. Bring it to your nose and imagine the odor of an orange. Imagine tasting it and bring back a memory of how an orange tastes in your mouth. As you can see, the trick is to make the image as real as possible by using all of your senses and emotions.
The secret is: The more realistic the visualization process, the better and faster the results.

How You Can Practice

You can combine your affirmations with your creative visualization to create a more powerful effect. As you’re imagining your goal, simply repeat your affirmation mentally, as many times as you feel necessary.
Do not be discouraged if you do not get immediate results. We are all at different levels of spiritual development and some of us have years of negative programming and negative belief systems to overcome. But overcome them you shall. Creative visualization can be such a powerful process when done at the Alpha level that just five minutes a day of practice can undo years of negative programming.
When you get your first success your belief system gets strengthened and this will allow you to manifest your next goal a little quicker. Masters who practice regularly find that they do not even have to go to a meditative level of mind and spend time repeatedly visualizing their goals. A mere conscious thought of their desire can set the gears in motion and create coincidences to direct them towards their goal.

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