Sunday, October 24, 2010

About Anti Aging

Here are some of the most important facts about anti aging remedies that you may not be aware of and they can be of great benefit when choosing the remedy you need.

  • Anti aging remedies that are organically inspired have long been accepted in the health and skincare industry. Natural skincare products are strongly recommended to those that have very sensitive skin because some of the ingredients of synthetic products can irritate the skin.

  • The use of collagen as a component in topical anti-aging treatments does not promise satisfactory results. Although some product manufacturers claim that their products are incorporated with collagen, you must know that collagen enhancement is best achieved by eating protein-rich foods. Collagen molecules cannot penetrate into the outer layer of the skin nor it be absorbed by the skin pores.

  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specifically through injecting Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is considered as a breakthrough. However, there are still debates regarding the efficiency of HRT in the aging population. Basically, our hormones are gradually diminished as we age; one of the important hormones is HGH. However, the aging body will need to adjust in a sudden increase of hormone level that is injected into the body. As a result, several side-effects such as gaining weight and irregular menstruation (in women) might as well be felt.

  • The news about antioxidants has reached the point of prominence in the industry. It has been known that antioxidants can fight off free radicals that speed up the appearance of aging signs. Nevertheless, these important substances that are found in certain foods that we eat can only halt the aging process and cannot reverse aging.

  • Keep in mind that any remedies which contain active ingredients such as vitamin C should not be displayed in place where it can be exposed to heat and direct sunlight because it can weaken or deactivate these ingredients

Best Anti Aging Treatments That You Should Know

Are there any best anti aging treatments in the world? That is a million dollars question. I personally do not know any best anti aging treatments but I do have some great ideas to share with you there.
There are several anti aging treatments that are being practised widely in the world today. The ones I am sharing here are some of the very popular treatments which I believe they are good for certain reasons.

1. Herbal Medicine.
Herbal medicine cannot prevent aging. If there are people who tell you that they can, then you got to verify their statements. Herbal medicine is traditionally used to treat symptoms of aging rather than preventing it. They are good for treating insomnia, depression, declining memory and some others.

2. Nutritional Therapy.
Nutritional therapy is good for slowing down aging and not preventing aging. There are several theories of why human aged. Most nutritional therapy focused on treating oxidations and free radical damages. Many nutritional healers recommend the antioxidants and free radical scavengers found in foods and supplements.
Nutrition supplements work by preventing oxidation of cells and dousing free radicals. They help to maintain good and healthy cells from being damaged.

3. Oriental Medicine.
Oriental medicine practitioners treat symptoms related to aging rather than slowing down aging. Under the Oriental Therapy Programs, all people are encouraged to be healthy. Therefore their therapy involve exercising, balance diet, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

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