Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Different Types Of Diabetes

This is an easy to understand article about the different types of diabetes. You can overcome your fear or confusion about the disease by knowing the types, causes and how to deal with them both physically and emotionally. As the saying goes, ?Knowledge is power? and ?Prevention is always better than cure?, you have more to gain and nothing to lose in understanding about this biological disorder that can affect you.

Our body break down the food we eat into glucose (blood sugar) and make it way into our bloodstream. Our body produces insulin, a hormone that help move the glucose from our bloodstream into the cells of the body. Glucose is our body's main energy source that our brain and nervous system rely on to function. When our glucose level is not regulated as it should be, diabetes will developed

1) Type 1 Diabetes or "Juvenile Diabetes"
This is the most fatal type of diabetes, although it is the least common among the 3 major types. It tends to affect young adult or children. The cause is when our body immune system mistakenly attack healthy cell that produce insulin. The body therefore produces little or no insulin to regulate the glucose level in the bloodstream. Diabetes is developed when there is accumulation glucose in our blood stream. The person affected by this disease depends on regular insulin injections to survive. This is why it is sometime known as the "Insulin Dependent Diabetes".

2) Type 2 Diabetes
It is the most common type of diabetes. It is known as "adult-onset diabetes". It tends to affect adult, but a growing number of children are developing this type of diabetes. The cause is due to obesity and poor diet because of unhealthy lifestyles. When the body is overload with sugar due to our food intake, the body struggle to deal with the sugar. These sugar ends up in our muscles which are not burn off because we do not exercise. The body will lose the ability over time to secrete enough insulin in response to the food intake

3) Gestational Diabetes
It is a temporary form of diabetes that affects women during pregnancy and ends once the baby is born. This could be cause by hormones change during pregnancy, which led to the body having a higher sugar level than the pre-pregnancy levels. The diabetes can have damaging effect to the baby if it is not detected during pregnancy. It can be tricky to spot this form of diabetes because pregnancy has similar symptoms as diabetes. Those who had this diabetes are prone to develop type 2 diabetes in their later stage of life.

Knowing the common symptoms is just as important as knowing the different types of diabetes. This illness exhibits characteristics such as increase thirst, hunger, tiredness, often urination, unexpected weight loss or weight gain, blurred vision, nausea or vomiting, yeast infections and slow healing of sores or cuts.

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