Friday, October 22, 2010


Benefits of Running in a Group

Running is not only an enjoyable activity but has some serious health benefits for those who take it up. The most obvious benefits that may pop up in one's mind may be muscle toning, weight loss and reducing cholesterol levels. Running is also an easily accessible activity, just a pare of sneakers, socks and yourself plus determination to run and you can hit the track.
But, logging all those solo miles can get lonely if you don't have any company that shares your interest. And that's when running groups come into picture. In a running group, your workouts may be more intense but feel like they take less effort. There are other benefits as well:

Running in a group is much safer than running alone because someone is there for you in case you get hurt or injured. Cars will always slow down and give you the right of way, making running in a group much safer on the street.

When in group, individuals are not only more inclined to running because of social interaction, but also to put forth better effort. Every individual knows that other runners are counting on you to be there, to help them, push them, and socialize. Members of running group support one another through long runs and cheer each other on during races. Getting encouragement and praise from your group is one of the best motivation.

Improved performance:
People just run faster when they are running with others. The increased motivation also adds to this factor. When others in the group are encouraging you to run faster and harder, it is easier to take it to the next level. If you do more intense runs, like marathons or half marathon, that kind of work is so much easier with a group.

It helps in meeting interesting people who are different than you but share some similar interest. Being part of a running club provides a unique opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of more experienced runners and to socialize with a group that shares a common interest in running and good health. Many people have made good friends through a running club. Running in a group is also a good way to network and build your professional relationship If you are running solo, it is easy to roll over and go back to bed. You tend to give up less when you know that you have a group waiting for you on the corner.

You don't necessarily have to join a running club to enjoy the benefits of running but it does make it easier. Just get hold of a friend and go for a run.
Happy Running

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