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5 Reasons to get Laser Eye Surgery

5 Reasons to get Laser Eye Surgery

Although laser eye surgery sounds quite extreme, it is actually a straight forward and painless procedure that takes just a few minutes. Surgery is used to make incisions in the eye which enables doctors to take any necessary measures such as replacing the lens of the eye or relieving any pressure that has prevented the fluid to flow freely and caused glaucoma. There are a few different types of surgery that fall under the category of laser eye surgery, but each one provides an effective solution to various problems with the eye. Read on to discover why delaying laser eye treatments and surgeries is unnecessary laser eye surgery is the ideal solution to a range of eye problems.

Reason 1 - It works

The efficacy of laser eye surgery is without question extremely good. The surgery takes just a few minutes but the results are excellent and furthermore long lasting. Glaucoma is a common condition that can be treated effectively by a surgical procedure. When there is not enough space in the eye for fluid to flow freely, pressure can build up which leads to blurred vision and poor sight. This is called glaucoma. Although lost sight cannot be restored with surgery, the condition can be prevented from worsening. Cataracts are another common condition that can be effectively treated through surgery. The clouded lens of the eye can be replaced with an artificial lens that restores a person's sight.

Reason 2 - It is painless
There may be a very small amount of discomfort following the surgery, and it may feel uncomfortable for a little as the anesthetics begin to wear off, but otherwise there is no pain. The surgery sounds worse that it is and patients cannot feel anything whilst the procedure is being carried out. After surgery it is required that the eyes are rested which means no bright lights or television for a bit. Avoiding reading or placing any strain on the eyes is necessary for a day or two.

Reason 3 - It gets fast results

The results of a successful surgery are immediately obvious to the patient. The blurred vision disappears and the eyesight is improved instantly, especially with treatment of cataracts which replaces the cloudy lens with a new, artificial one. Although glaucoma can cause loss of some sight which cannot be replaced, the patient will see an improvement immediately in their sight and benefit from the knowledge that the cataract will not return over the coming years. Although a few hours of rest may be required following surgery and the patient may be sensitive to bright lights for a day or two, most see instant improvement to their sight following surgery.

Reason 4 - It can be repeated

It is often believed that it is better to wait for surgery as it can only be done once. This is incorrect however as the surgery can be repeated at a later date if problems reoccur. It is a mistake to delay surgery for this reason, especially when dealing with serious eye problems that could result in loss of sight that cannot be restored. The best advice is to talk to a professional as soon as possible if you feel laser eye surgery is for you.

Reason 5 - It removes the need for glasses
If you have been a glasses wearer for the majority of your life you will pleased to hear that laser eye surgery may enable them to be thrown away, perhaps for good. Once your sight has been restored your may find that there will be no more need for either contact lenses or glasses.

Laser eye surgery is a quick and painless procedure that can drastically improve a person's quality of life through better eyesight. Whether the problem is dry eye syndrome, cataracts the presence of a macular hole or glaucoma, laser eye treatment can help remove or improve the problem.

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