Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to Choose a Breast Implant?

After making the decision to undergo breast implant surgery, the next important step is choosing the right breast implant size for you. Here are some objective ways to evaluate your options and make the right decision for your breast implant size.

Body shape and size

Body shape and size plays a big role in choosing an implant size. If you are short and petite, then you don’t need huge breast implants since it will not take much to give you a very attractive and full bust. If you’re tall and have a large frame, however, then it will take more to fill out your chest, in which case you can probably opt for larger breast implants


The kind of lifestyle you follow should also impact your decision. If you’re an athletic woman, a smaller size might be ideal since breast implants will add some weight to your body and might limit your physical activities. If you are a woman with a small frame, large breasts can pull on your neck and back muscles, causing pain and discomfort.

Aesthetic preferences

Your aesthetic preferences will be one of the primary deciding factors in choosing a breast implant size. Your breast surgeon may show you some photos of topless women in magazines and ask you to choose the look you find most attractive. This will help you and your surgeon to better understand your aesthetic preferences. It is possible that you might find out that the breast type you find attractive is not the one you initially thought you wanted.

It will also be helpful to ask your surgeon to show you the before and after photos of former breast augmentation patients who have similar body types to yours.

Implant shape and placement

Breast implant shape is also an important factor to consider. There are many implant shapes available in the market, such as round or teardrop. Though some surgeons believe that the teardrop implants create a more natural shape, the round ones are the most popular among women.

Schedule a free medical consultation with a qualified and experienced Los Angeles surgeon before making a final decision on your breast implant size and shape.

Look natural look beautiful

There was a time when only wealthy people and celebrities used to get breast implants. But now this surgery is available for everyone who really wants to look beautiful and good. It is among the most common type of surgery done by the plastic surgeons.
There are lots of reasons why normally women go for cosmetic surgery. The size and shape of breast actually changes during the delivery time of child or when anyone looses weight. If there are any women who have small bust then you can certainly wish to have this surgical treatment because it improves the bra cup size. This procedure when undertaken the confidence of the women also rises

If you are sure that you want this surgery then approach the best plastic surgeon. He will ask you to go through checklist because it will really help you to know that why this surgery is good. Moreover there are some doctors who will suggest you to visit some psychologist in order to make sure whether you are mentally or physically fit.

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