Saturday, October 23, 2010

lips care tips

Here are some tips to care your lips:
1.Make it a routine to exfoliate the lips with a lip scrub. This can be followed by a lip balm.

It is very important to moisture the lips as they do not contain oil glands. Applying petroleum gelly and lip balms keeps the lips moisturized and in good condition. Good skin moisturizers containing Vitamin E, aloevera, or neem extracts can be applied, especially when we go out. Vaseline or Carmex can be applied several times a day or when we eat or drink or wipe the lips. Generally the lip gloss contain the ingredients like glycerin, aloevera, etc. which will help moisturizing and giving shiny effects to the lips.

2. Use a sunscreen for the lips when you go out.

The over exposure to sun will damage and dry the lips. So use a lip balm which contains sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 or above.

3. Avoid licking the lips.

Saliva may be able to provide temporary results. But it will evaporate easily. This will only help to leave the skin more dry.

4.Drinking plenty of water.

It will prevent dehydration of lips. Plenty intake of water will help to hydrate the lips.

5.Apply lotions or creams during the night time.

Apply lotions containing zinc oxide on the lips before going to bed as it will prevent the lips drooling in the night. It is good to apply the natural items like butter, milk creams etc.

6.Assure proper intake of vitamins.

The riboflavin deficiencies can lead to the cracks at the corners. This can be avoided by the proper intake of Vitamin B2 supplements. Multivitamin supplements can provide B Vitamins, essential fatty acids and iron which will prevent the cracks and scaling of lips.

7.Avoid lip biting.

It is a habit for some. But never forget that it adversely affects the beauty of the lips.

8.Use the cosmetics which suits your lips.

The matte finish lipsticks will only worsen the condition of the peeled lips. So if your lips are peeled, avoid them.

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