Friday, October 22, 2010

Yoga for Back pain / health

Supported Bridge Pose

For back pain sufferers, the supported bridge pose offers a set of challenges to the body and mind that together provide an entryway into the benefits of having a yoga practice. Like most yoga poses, the supported bridge pose involves the entire body. The supported bridge pose

to change the balance between the strength and flexibility of the musculature of the body.

Promotes postural re-education.

Encourages a balanced position of the pelvis, which readies the posture muscles for productive therapeutic work.

Ignites and strengthens the core abdominals for controlling pelvic tilt. 1 The supported bridge pose takes the challenge of the pelvic tilt into space, introducing new variables for the core muscles to resolve via strength and strect.

Strengthens low back muscles.

Helps to release unnecessary muscle tension, for example, in certain muscles of the the shoulders and through the front of the body.

Uses both front and back body muscles to stabilize the trunk.

Develops an awareness of the body in space


1. Have a yoga block nearby.

2. Press into the soles of the feet to lift the hips. Slide a yoga block under your sacrum, coming into supported bridge

3. This should be a comfortable resting position that you may want to hold for several minutes.

4. To come out, press into the feet the lift the sacrum off the block, slide the block out, and slowly lower your back on to the floor.

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