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How 30 Minutes Of Yoga Each Day Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Life

Yoga is one of the world's most ancient forms of exercise and it carries a certain air of mysticism about it. You might be put off by some of the shapes and poses and think that yoga is far too complex for you to master. But yoga doesn't have to be that difficult and even the basic postures and poses can have immense benefits.

In this article I'll talk about just four of the benefits that yoga has to offer. We'll look at why yoga is a great form of exercise, how it can improve your concentration, how it can help you fight certain illnesses and finally how it can make you feel enlightened.

1. Yoga is a great form of exercise
You probably think of exercise as running or aerobics; something that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat. Yoga does that too. You might not believe it but the combination of breathing techniques with moving between postures can burn fat while increasing muscle tone, strength, stamina and flexibility.

If you follow the guidance correctly yoga is a safe exercise for people of all shapes, sizes and ages and can even be beneficial during pregnancy.

2. Yoga can help you fight illnesses

Yoga postures can help you improve your circulation. In order for your organs to function properly they need to be exercised and yoga can help you do this. By stimulating your immune system you can give your body the defenses it needs to fight illness and keep you fit and healthy.

Yoga has also been proven to help you control illnesses such as arthritis, blood pressure, back pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and many more.

3. Yoga can help you to relax
In our busy lives we often rush from one activity to another and forget to take time for ourselves. A yoga session can help to create a sense of calm and well being and this in turn will make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. You'll have time to yourself to focus on you and to forget your responsibilities.

One side effect of yoga is enhanced creativity and improved concentration. If you think that you are too busy to set aside half an hour for a yoga session then you should give it a try. You'll be even more productive afterwards and will achieve more in less time.

4. Yoga can lead to enlightenment
Many people believe that yoga helps them feel enlightened and that it affects them at a spiritual level. It affects people in different ways but you should see benefits whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional.

Regular yoga practice will offer you so many benefits, from making you feel fitter and healthier, to building up your immune system and from improving your concentration to improving your emotional and mental state. Take action today by enrolling in a yoga class or buying a yoga DVD; set aside just 30 minutes each day to focus on you and reap the positive benefits tomorrow.

Find Out How To Regulate Worry With Yoga

Though developed in India and considered part of more than one spiritual tradition, yoga has become a widespread practice without religious overtones. It is a form of exercise that is appropriate for almost everyone.

In Sanskrit, the word means yoke or bringing together. However, most people use the term to refer to the poses or asanas. Completing a series of poses involves both stretching the muscles in numerous ways and monitored breathing and can result in a strong feeling of well being

The key to benefiting is to establish a practice or regular routine. Flexibility and fitness are not required since there are modifications available. As strength grows, practitioners can move into more difficult variations and further increase the suppleness of the muscles. Classes are available in many places including community centers, health clubs, and yoga studios. Very little special equipment is required.

It may take some experimenting to find the class that best suits one's body because they vary in intensity. A good place to start is in Hatha classes where the poses are simpler and the pace slower.

Studies have shown that yoga may help limit the effects of certain conditions like asthma and PMS. However, it is also very well suited to reducing stress and anxiety. With a consistent practice, at each session, the body becomes both relaxed and energized. It may be the controlled breathing that targets stress best. Focusing on the breath takes the mind away from other worries.

Here is one asana anyone can try now as long as the back is healthy. It is called the cat pose. It increases familiarity with the body's center and helps with coordinating movement and breathing. Begin on all fours, preferably on a padded surface so that there will be less pressure on the knees. Make sure the hands are straight down from the shoulders and the knees are straight down from the hips. Rock forward and back gently to find the place where the spine is straight and the body is balanced. Inhale. On the exhale, pull the abdominal muscles up and curve the spine. Drop the head so there is a single semi-circular line running from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Inhale and release the pose.

Though becoming strong and flexible through yoga requires discipline and the drive to stick with it, the gains justify the effort. A sharper, calmer mind comes with greater physical ability.

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